Dedicated To The Memory Of Argeo Cellucci Jr.
Who Was Like A Father, Brother, And Was My Best Friend,
Who Devoted A Life Time Helping People

On Tour  Promoting Republic, Crusade & Gmmy Radio Networks
Frank E. Dee Rides In Firetruck To Get The Message Out

Pictured Below:Former Massachusetts Governor, Paul Cellucci
Is Now The Ambassdor To Canada

Pictured From Left: Argeo Cellucci Jr., Frank E. Dee, Ambassdor Paul Cellucci

Special Guests Of Former Gov. Paul Cellucci, Now Ambassdor To Canada

Argeo Cellucci Jr. A Proud Father Of Former Gov., Paul Cellucci, Now Ambassador
From The Left: Argeo Cellucci Jr., Frank E. Dee, Ambassador A. Paul Cellucci,
Lorraine Matigan, And Raymond De Simone
Thank You Lorraine For The Support & Sensational Humor

Ambassador To Canada: A. Paul Cellucci

Argeo R. Cellucci Jr. & Frank E. Dee Pose At Highway Honoring Cellucci Jr.

Argeo Cellucci Jr., Frank E. Dee, Kelly DiOrio

Frank E. Dee & Argeo Cellucci Jr. Dinning Out At A Plush Eatery

Argeo Cellucci Jr, Was A Portrait Of A Beautiful Giving Human Being
The Portrait Was Drawn By Terry Robinson Presented to Argeo By Frank E. Dee

Webster's Dictionary defines the word DECENT as: 'Proper and Fitting',
'Respectable', 'Adequate', 'Fair and Kind'. ... And this is Argeo R. Cellucci Jr.

A Legend Of The Airaves: Bill Marlowe, My Radio Mentor.
Bill Marlowe's Last Photo With Frank E. Dee & Lorraine Matigan

Left: Frank E. Dee & Lorraine Matigan Laughing It Up
With Bill Marlowe At A Boston Eatery

Former Kenosha, Wis., Official, Mario Capponi   & Frank E. Dee
Another  wonderful year has passed, and with the old saying; "Everyday Above Ground Is A Darn Good day".  No kidding huh?

An old timer friend adds to this cliché; "It's Better To Be Looking Down That Hole, Than Looking Up From It." 
...And so we all have a lot to be grateful  for.

Slow me down, Lord!
 Ease the pounding of my heart
 By the quieting of my mind.
 Steady my harried pace
 With a vision of the eternal reach of time.
 Give me,
 Amidst the confusions of my day,
 The calmness of the everlasting hills.
 Break the tensions of my nerves
 With the soothing music 
 Of the singing streams
 That live in my memory.
 Help me to know
 The magical power of sleep,
 Teach me the art
 Of taking minute vacations 
 Of slowing down
 To look at a flower;
 To chat with an old friend 
 Or make a new one;
 To pat a stray dog;
 To watch a spider build a web;
 To smile at a child;
 Or to read a few lines from a good book.
 Remind me each day
 That the race is not always to the swift;
 That there is more to life 
 Than increasing its speed.
 Let me look upward
 Into the branches of the towering oak
 And know that it grew great and strong
 Because it grew slowly and well.
 Slow me down, Lord,
 And inspire me to send my roots deep
 Into the soil of life's enduring values
 That I may grow toward the stars
 Of my greater destiny.