Mario Lanza's Son Damon Lanza Far Right Visits The Halfway House
Mr. Bob Dolfi [Far Left]  In The Year  2010 Bob Recently Donated
A New Bar B Que To The Halway House.  In January Of 2011,
Bob Dolfi Passed Away.  It Was Bob Dolfi Who Crated
A Mario Lanza Bust In Which The Idea
Of The Harold Bust Came From Frank Ivanovich Bringing
The Lanza Bust To A Committee Meeting
Thank You Bob For All Your Donations To The House

Pictured From The Far Right; Damon Lanza The Son Of The Great Singer Mario Lanza
Presented Harold Richards A Photo Of His Dad.  On The FarLeft is Bob Dolfi
And Committee Member Of The Halfway House Mike Mac Cormack

An Older Photo Below Of The House  Has Been Updated
The Harold & Justine Foundation House As It Looks Today