Historical Photos

Memories of The Past, Present and future

Frank Ivanovich Known As "The Count" Has Been The
Treasurer For 30 Years Before The Newport Mesa Halfway House
Became The "Harold & Justine Richards Foundation"
At present Frank Still Continues His Active Duties As Treasurer

Photo Taken From American Liberty News 1992
The Original  4 Men  In The Photo Below Were The First Committee Members Of
The Original Newport Mesa  Halfway House
Two Of The Men; Have Since Passed Away; John Courtney,
And Ray Strong, And  [ John Good, Not Pictured In This Photo]

Photo Taken 1995

 Left: The Late Tony Werner, Frank E. Dee, Harold Richards, Frank Ivanovich, Carlos Tapia
A  Special Surprise Happy Birthday Party  Wishes For Frank E. Dee's 60th Birthday

Photo Taken 1986

Pictured From The Left: Frank Ivanovich, Frank E. Dee, & Jim Campbell From Maine