~ Remember Kitty Kallen?  ~

Kitty Kallen, Reminded Us: "Little Things Mean A Lot"

In 1954 Kitty Kallen Was Voted The Most Popular Female 
Singer In The U.S.A. By Billboard And The Variety Polls

In 1954, Kitty Kallen’s interpretation of "Little Things Mean A Lot".  The lyrics were so meaningful, because the love we share and give to one another, along with the kindness we share with each another and the things we say and do to help another human being, one can say, "Little Things Really Do Mean A Lot."  Who could ever forget the beautiful stylish voice of Kitty Kallen, who charmed the hearts of millions of American audiences with her first hit solo, song back in 1954, "LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT."  What beautiful lyrics and an appropriate title for a song.  The lyrics and music was written by Edith Lindeman and Carl Stutz, and in 1954 the sheet music sold for…Are you ready for this??? ….50 cents (Try buying a song sheet at that price today.  I still have the original song sheet that I bought at that price back in 1954).  Indeed a plush song sang ever so well by Miss Kitty Kallen, who came up from the ranks as a child star, who sang with the best of bands such as; Jimmy Dorsey, Harry James. 

Back in the 1970’s as a radio host, at Radio Station WHET in Boston, Mass., I pretty well wore-out Miss Kitty Kallen’s, recordings of "LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT", and "IF I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU", along with, "IN THE CHAPEL IN THE MOONLIGHT."  What charisma, what charm, and what beautiful delivery Miss Kitty Kallen had.  When she sang these songs she not only made the goose bumps of us who remember the lyrics, stand-up like little tin soldiers, but she brought fond memories of love into our hearts.  And if you happened to have been in a relationship at the time, especially when these two great hit songs were aired night and day on any given radio show, "LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT" and "IF I GIVE MY HEART TO YOU," your sure to remember the closeness that these songs brought into our lives and into our relationships.  Her songs were truly ‘tear jerkers’ filled with nostalgic memories.

Kitty Kallen’s Career

Kitty Kallen’s musical career started as a child on the Horn and Hardart Children's Hour. And the age of 12, it was too long before Miss Kallen had her own radio show on WCAU, and by the age of 15, she went on tour with one of the best big bandleaders, Jack Teagarden. 

Kitty Kallen as a teenager, became a favorite star with Jimmy Dorsey’s band, when she replaced the popular singer Helen O’Connell.  She recorded one of the biggest hits of the Dorsey era "Besame Mucho."  Later on she decided to join the Harry James band, and continued to record hits with the James band.  She continued to appear on these hit radio shows with such stars as; David Rose, Danny Kaye, Alec Templeton, and soon was appearing on television on the Colgate Comedy Hour, with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and from there she appeared in nightclubs with the Artie Shaw band, and on Broadway. And in films as well.  She even appeared in concert at the London Palladium, where she achieved international fame.

During the height of her musical career she lost her singing voice.  However she made an exciting comeback in the history of music with solo hits, that made her the super star of the 50’s era.

"In 1954, her smash recording, "Little Things Mean A Lot," was voted the most popular record, and Kitty herself was voted the most popular girl singer in the USA by Billboard and Variety polls, hits such as "In The Chapel in the Moonlight," "I Want You All To Myself," and "If I Give My Heart To You" followed, and in 1962, she hit again with "My Coloring Book." Born into a family with no musical background, Kitty Kallen has achieved brilliant success as one of American music's most popular performers, and that success continues with the soon-to-be-released album of her greatest hits."

Miss Kitty Kallen’s songs continue to still be live in the hearts of those who will always remember this great vocal artist, who told us in song that… "LITTLE THINGS MEAN A LOT."