The American Dream Became The American Scream!
Its Time To Bring Back The Great Songs And The Vocalists!

I am deeply proud to announce the privilege given to me once more in participating on the radio airwaves with my own format in bringing the radio audience the good sounds of M-U-S-I-C, and not N-O-I-S-E!  The noise I refer to is Rap, heavy metal, and songs that had lyrics of hate, murder, and rape.  Yet no one has ever came forth in stopping this crude ghastly type of noise that has contributed  to a society of crime once it was allowed over the airwaves.

My format is simple.  Just beautiful songs of the 1940s, and 1950s sung by the best vocal singers who have been cast aside by radio station management and program directors to make room for the likes of that noise.

What a shame that such singers as Al Martino, Don Cornell, Buddy Clark, Mario Lanza, and my list goes on ad infinitum, that these great singers do not get equal time at radio stations across America. 

Its Time To Bring Back The Good Music & Singers who sang songs with wonderful meaningful lyrics that brought good family values in the field of entertainment.

Be sure to tune into the Frank E. Dee Show starting June 23rd Saturday night from 7-to-9 on Crusade Radio, where youll hear the all time great vocalists, and big band sounds, and idle talk about these great stars.

Frank E. Dee, was formerly a radio host in the early 70s at the defunct WHET radio station in Waltham, Massachusetts where he hosted The Frank E. Dee Show and devoted his format to the great songs of the 40s, and 50s.  He often times said;  "Id rather quit then play any of that garbage called noise on my show."  Dee also was a feature columnist with The Beacon Publishing Co., in Acton Massachusetts where he started his career as a feature writer from 1964 up until 1978, when he moved to California.  In the 90s he published the "American Liberty News", a conservative editorial newsletter which was published for eight years, until he sold it.  The American Liberty web site is still on the worldwide Internet, at

Today, he is the host of one of the best award winner entertainment web sites, "Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear," at  He said, GMMY, (short for Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear) receives over 47,500 visitors a month, plus the hits are way up there to be viewed.  Our main features are the great singers of the 40s and 50s, plus the big bands.  So Join me for a touch of nostalgia on the Frank E. Dee Show."