Remember When???
Remember When Coke Cola Sold For Five Cents A Glass?
I Remember These Prices

A public telephone call from a phone booth, cost five cents. 

Coke Cola cost 5 cents in a bottle, and if you returned the bottle back, you received two cents. 

At your local ice-cream parlor, Coke Cola cost .5 cents, and .10 cent for a large vanilla Coke.  A Hot-Fudge Sundae, with topping and nuts cost .25cents.  How about a shake, or malt for .20cents?  Wow!  A single ice cream cone for .5 cents, and a double scoop for .10 cents with no extra charge for chocolate chip topping. 

A hamburger went for .25cents with tomato, lettuce, with pickle on it  A cheeseburger sold for .35 cents.  Wow! 

Remember the milkman who delivered milk to your doorsteps?  A quart of milk sold from 19 - to - 20 cents a quart. 

Let us not forget the bread man who made home deliveries.  A loaf of bread went from .16 - to -.17 cents a loaf. 

How about a movie matinee, with two full features, newsreel, previews, cartoons and a serial for .12 cents, adults paid .25 cents.  Evening prices were slightly higher. 

A game of pool in the local pool hall cost .5cents. 

Gasoline per gallon (depending on what gas station you went to) cost from .17 cents - to - .22 cents a gallon. 

To mail a letter it cost .3cents, and .6cent for airmail. 

A daily newspaper cost .3cents.  Cigarettes cost what?? 

Name brands ranged from .16, .17, .18 cents a pack. 

A cup of coffee .10 cents.  Coffee a cup 1999 prices are: $1.40-to-$1.60.