~ Introduction ~

To The Fantastic 1950's

Those Good Old Days Of The Fabulous 1950's
...And Kilroy Was Here Too
The Beautiful 1950's Were 
Filled With Good Clean Morals
By Frank E. Dee/Host Of GMMY

 The Great 1950's were easier and wonderful years.  For those of us who lived in this era of time, will remember the great big bands, the wonderful vocalists that sang songs with meaningful lyrics we all understood.

The American Flag was a symbol we saluted or took off our hats at a parade as our flag passed by. Prayer was allowed in schools, and in most public places.  And Drugs were not the way of life as it was in the 80's, and 90's and continues on into the new  2000 Millenium.

"In God We Trust" not only words printed and stamped on our currency, but meant so much to all of us.  Today in the new 2000 Millenium, there is protest in removing God from our currency, and prayer has already been removed from schools and in public places.  I can only remember  the 1940's and the 1950's, when God, and prayer  and our flag was the way of life, and rape, violence, abortion, and murder on Freeways was something you would read in a horror mystery novel, and even then novels, books  were less filled with such garbage.

Comedians and Comedy of the 50's television shows never, but never allowed Comedians to use the filthy jokes or foul language that is being used in today's stand-up comedy shows!

TV Commercials were not filled with promoting contraceptives for our children in our school systems as it is now the so called "In Thing".

What we had in the 1940's and the 1950's were good clean Entertainment.  This website; Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear was built with the purpose in mind to continue to endorse those golden years, and the great crooners, the great big bands, that we feature, the articles, and photos and the numerous Message Boards of the great entertainers from an era that shall never be forgotten. 

As long as GOLDEN MUSIC MEMORIES OF YESTERYEAR WEBSITE IS ON THE WORDWIDE INTERNET, we shall continue to endorse the great talents of the 1940's and 1950's.  We welcome you all to enjoy those great 1950's years  once again for your enjoyment pleasure.