The Al Martino Special Awards

How To Apply For The Gmmy Awards & Al Martino Awards
You Must Meet Our Criteria ...
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The Al Martino Award Banners
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The Al Martino Award Is Copyrighted: Not To Be Used Without Permission

These 'awards' obviously will come with some form of scrutiny
as well as conditions. The prerequisites to qualify, must be:

1. No Adult, pornographic, hateful, illegal or racist Websites.
2. Taste in good Popular music of the 30's, 40's, 50's
Each award will be judged by our Al Martino Family Of Fans
From Our Message Forum to evaluate your web site.
The Judges Are As Follows:
Al Martino Forum Host: Andy Seminazzi
Dick & Shirley Finnell
Harry & Lena Smith
E-Mail Gmmy Web Site Host
Frank E. Dee

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