~A Short  Introduction To Harry James~


The Man With The Golden Horn; Harry James. 

Some Of Harry James' Great Hit’s 

1.      Ciribiribin 
2.      Feet Draggin' Blues 
3.      It's Funny to Everyone but Me ... Frank Sinatra, vocals 
4.      Concerto for Trumpet 
5.      Two O'Clock Jump 
6.      You Made Me Love You 
7.      I'm in the Market for You 
8.      Flight of the Bumblebee 
9.      My Silent Love ... Dick Haymes, vocals 
10.     Flash 
11.     Trumpet Blues and Cantabile 
12.     All or Nothing at All ... Frank Sinatra, vocal 
13.     Back Beat Boogie 
14.     I Can't Begin to Tell You ... Betty Grable, vocal 
15.     Music Makers 
16.     I Had the Craziest Dream ... Helen Forrest, vocal 
17.     Willow Weep for Me 
18.     I Don't Want to Walk without You ... Helen Forrest, vocals 
19.     Cherry 
20.     By the Sleepy Lagoon 
21.     I'm Beginning to See the Light ... Kitty Kallen, vocal 

Harry Hagg James was born in Albany, Georgia on March 15, 1916. His
parents worked in travelling circuses; Harry's father, Everett, conducted the band. Young Harry began on drums at the age of seven, then at 10 he began taking trumpet lessons from his father. 

In 1931 the family settled in Beaumont and Harry began playing in Texas with various bands including Old Phillips Friars, Logan Hancock, and Herman Waldman, also toured as far as New Orleans with band led by violinist Joe Gill. With Ben Pollack from 1936, then joined Benny Goodman in January 1937.  He left Goodman in late December 1938 to form his own band which made its official debut in February 1939 at the Benjamin Franklin Hotel, Philadelphia.

Previously he had led his own recording band and had taken part in pickup studio recordings with Teddy Wilson, Lionel Hampton, etc. By the early 1940s Harry's band had an enormous following, several records featuring his trumpet playing became best sellers. Continued to tour regularly until the early 1950s, then after a spell of semi-retirement in California he reorganized his band for residencies in the U.S. and a tour of Europe in late 1957.

During the 1960s he was not continually active as a bandleader, but regularly led for long seasons in Nevada. In 1960 he played engagements in New York after a seven year absence from that locale, subsequently he returned to play in New York on several occasions including Carnegie Hall Concert in September 1964.

Harry James was originally married to vocalist Louise Tobin, subsequently he married actress Betty Grable in 1943, since their divorce he has remarried.

His films include: "Private Buckaroo," "Mr Co Ed," "A Tale of Two Sisters," "Syncopation," "Bathing Beauty," "If I'm Lucky," "Carnegie
Hall," "Springtime in the Rockies," "Kitten on the Keys," "Best Foot
Forward," "Two Girls and a Sailor," "Do You Love Me," "The Benny Goodman Story." etc. 

Harry James also soundtracked for actor Kirk Douglas in "Young Man with a Horn."

He toured Europe with own big band in autumn 1970 and again in the
autumn of 1971, also played residencies in the USA during 1970s. From
"Who’s Who In Jazz," by John Chilton