A Biography Of A Great Actor
Henry Fonda

Henry Fonda Was A Word War II Hero

              Born in Grand Rapids, Nebraska, Fonda had intended to
               become a journalist, but subsequently abandoned this
               ambition to join the Omaha Community Playhouse as an
               amateur actor and manager's assistant. After turning
               professional, he worked in summer reps until joining the
               University Players in 1928. Broadway productions followed,
               including the lead in The Farmer Takes A Wife (1934),
               which also provided him with his screen debut. Stardom
               came quickly with such notable films as The Trail of the
               Lonesome Pine (1936), Young Mr Lincoln (1939), and The
               Grapes of Wrath (1940), in which he gave one of his most
               memorable performances (as Tom Joad).

               During World War II Fonda served in the US navy, receiving
               a Bronze Star and Presidential Citation. After the war his
               career reached new heights with Broadway successes and
               such films as Clementine (1946), Twelve Angry Men (1957),
               and Fail Safe (1964). Most successful of his postwar
               performances was the Broadway production of Mister
               Roberts, which he repeated on screen in 1955. Throughout
               the remainder of his career he appeared in numerous films,
               plays, and on television; he won his only Academy Award for
               his role in his final film, On Golden Pond (1981), in which
               Katherine Hepburn and his daughter Jane Fonda also
               appeared. His son Peter Fonda (1939- ) and his
               granddaughter Bridget Fonda (1964- ) have also made their
               mark as film actors.