Glenn Ford's Film Credits

An American Hero

If I could do whatever I wanted to for the rest
                         of my life, I wouldn't do anything but Westerns."
                                               Glenn Ford

Glen Ford & Rita Hayworth Were Sensational On The Screen
     1939 HEAVEN WITH A BARBED WIRE FENCE performer 
     1939 MY SON IS GUILTY performer 
     1940 BABIES FOR SALE performer 
     1940 BLONDIE PLAYS CUPID performer 
     1940 CONVICTED WOMAN performer 
     1940 THE LADY IN QUESTION performer 
     1940 MEN WITHOUT SOULS performer 
     1941 GO WEST, YOUNG LADY performer 
     1941 SO ENDS OUR NIGHT performer 
     1941 TEXAS performer 
     1942 THE ADVENTURES OF MARTIN EDEN performer 
     1942 FLIGHT LIEUTENANT performer 
     1943 THE DESPERADOES performer 
     1943 DESTROYER performer 
     1943 HOLLYWOOD IN UNIFORM performer 
     1946 GALLANT JOURNEY performer 
     1946 GILDA performer 
     1946 A STOLEN LIFE performer 
     1947 FRAMED performer 
     1948 THE LOVES OF CARMEN performer 
     1948 MAKE IT REAL performer 
     1948 THE MAN FROM COLORADO performer
     1948 THE MATING OF MILLIE performer 
     1948 THE RETURN OF OCTOBER performer 
     1949 THE DOCTOR AND THE GIRL performer 
     1949 HOLLYWOOD GOES TO CHURCH performer 
     1949 LUST FOR GOLD performer 
     1949 MR. SOFT TOUCH performer 
     1949 THE UNDERCOVER MAN performer 
     1950 CONVICTED performer 
     1950 THE FLYING MISSILE performer 
     1950 THE REDHEAD AND THE COWBOY performer 
     1950 THE WHITE TOWER performer 
     1951 FOLLOW THE SUN performer 
     1951 THE SECRET OF CONVICT LAKE performer 
     1952 AFFAIR IN TRINIDAD performer 
     1952 YOUNG MAN WITH IDEAS performer 
     1953 APPOINTMENT IN HONDURAS performer 
     1953 THE BIG HEAT performer 
     1953 THE MAN FROM THE ALAMO performer 
     1953 PLUNDER OF THE SUN performer 
     1953 TERROR ON A TRAIN performer 
     1954 CITY STORY performer 
     1954 HUMAN DESIRE performer 
     1955 THE AMERICANO performer 
     1955 BLACKBOARD JUNGLE performer 
     1955 INTERRUPTED MELODY performer 
     1955 TRIAL performer 
     1955 THE VIOLENT MEN performer 
     1956 THE FASTEST GUN ALIVE performer 
     1956 JUBAL performer 
     1956 RANSOM performer 
     1956 THE TEAHOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON performer 
     1957 3:10 TO YUMA performer 
     1957 DON'T GO NEAR THE WATER performer 
     1958 COWBOY performer 
     1958 IMITATION GENERAL performer 
     1958 THE SHEEPMAN performer 
     1958 TORPEDO RUN performer 
     1959 THE GAZEBO performer
     1959 IT STARTED WITH A KISS performer 
     1960 CIMARRON performer 
     1961 CRY FOR HAPPY performer 
     1961 POCKETFUL OF MIRACLES performer 
     1962 EXPERIMENT IN TERROR performer 
     1963 THE COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER performer 
     1963 LOVE IS A BALL performer 
     1964 ADVANCE TO THE REAR performer 
     1964 DEAR HEART performer 
     1964 FATE IS THE HUNTER performer 
     1965 THE ROUNDERS performer 
     1965 SEAPOWER performer 
     1966 IS PARIS BURNING?/PARIS BRULE-T-IL? performer 
     1966 THE MONEY TRAP performer 
     1966 RAGE performer 
     1967 THE LAST CHALLENGE performer 
     1968 DAY OF THE EVIL GUN performer 
     1969 HEAVEN WITH A GUN performer 
     1969 SMITH! performer 
     1973 SANTEE performer 
     1976 MIDWAY performer 
     1978 SUPERMAN performer 
     1979 THE VISITOR performer 
     1980 VIRUS/FUKKATSU NO HI performer 
     1981 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME performer 
     1990 BORDER SHOOTOUT performer 
     1990 CASABLANCA EXPRESS performer 
     1991 RAW NERVE performer 
     1992 OUR HOLLYWOOD EDUCATION performer