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A 29 Cent Postage Stamp Honored
 Nat King Cole Honored With Postage Stamp

Seoul, South Korea, March 1, 1963: Singer Nat "King" Cole performs at Seoul's Municipal Auditorium. His expression seems to confirm what he told a Stars and Stripes reporter: "I feel a kinship with (the audience) in music. It's sort of doing something together." Cole, who had already sold over 50 million records by 1963, was the first black performer to have his own regular network radio show, then earned a similar distinction in TV's early years. His family stayed in Tokyo while he traveled to Korea in 1963; one of his five children, Natalie, would go on to sell over 30 million records and win several Grammy awards. Especially successful among her albums is Unforgettable, With Love, a 1991 tribute to her father, who died of cancer at age 45 in 1965.