~ Nat King Cole Introduction ~
A Legend Of Song
 The Magnificent Nat King Cole
~ By Frank E. Dee ~

Nat learned to play the piano at a very early age. It may be hard to believe but his mother was the only piano teacher that he ever had. 

Nat's early career was mainly piano playing. Nat played a lot in a trio with one of his brothers. The trio did not have a drummer because Nat's piano playing kept rhythm so well. By the time Nat was 20, and he more than paid his dues by working at the bottom, before he reached the height of his career, Nat was known in every beer joint in Los Angeles, California.   

One night while Nat was playing his piano in a Los Angeles pub, one of his listeners asked him to sing.  Nat refused until the owner of the pub gave him an alternative to sing or leave, so he did.  From that very night Nat King Cole’s career was launched into a new vocal dimension.  Nat then became a well known singer.   

Nat sold over 50 million records and believe me that's a lot! He was one of the first people to make records with the company called "Capitol Records".  From 1942 on, his romantic way with almost 700 songs helped place "Capitol Records" as one of the top record companies, and himself as the top record seller throughout the world.  He sold so many records, that the company headquarters was often referred to as "The House that Nat Built." 

There was magic in Nat’s voice, his soft, intimate phrasing moved the hearts of millions, and he moved the songs he sang into hit status with every recording he made.  Nat Cole’s musical taste could caress a good love song into a personal experience for lovers everywhere.  He had the gift of creating a romantic touch with each song he sang.  Nat Cole, never made a bad recording, every song he recorded, scored him a hit.   

Nat King Cole will always be remembered as THE UNFORGETTABLE NAT KING COLE … The singer who could create magic with his brilliant voice.