Jerry Vale Who?

Pictured Above Is Writer Scott Rogers
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Gmmy Radio Hosts In Helping To Keep
The Legendary Singers Such As Jerry Vale's Songs Alive

By Scott F Rogers-

Recently I invited a gathering of friends and their companions over for a couple of drinks and music. As guests entered my home they were greeted with just a hint of bass as the orchestrated sounds of Jerry Vale singing his velvet melodies played softly in the background. One of my visitors was a newcomer to my home and after our brief introductions, he asked "Who's singing?" I replied "Just my very favorite professional vocalist of all time, Jerry Vale". His response was "Jerry Vale Who?" That wasn't the first time I had heard that response.

Unless you're from the east coast, the west coast, or a former frequent Las Vegas visitor, its likely that you've been a "Jerry Vale who?" person yourself. For some reason most of middle America, including Indiana where I reside, is unfamiliar with, and deprived of the wonderful vocal stirrings of Jerry Vale. This could be due to marketing strategies, taking into consideration that most of the mid-west enjoys country music, basically ignoring the smooth sounds of Jerry Vale, Perry Como, Al Martino, Sinatra, and other great vocalists and crooners.

This HAS changed however, thanks to the ever-growing internet. With places on the internet like "MySpace", "YouTube", and music downloads, the legendary singer, Jerry Vale is being re-discovered. This new "discovery" has launched a whole new legion of fans and new vocalists. Jerry Valeís music style has influenced Patrizio Buanne, Matt Dusk, and Helmut Lotti. All of them are singing Jerry Vale songs, and one of them, the now very popular Patrizio Buanne is even using Valeís arrangements.

Actually, I was one of those "Jerry Vale Who?" people once upon a time....

In 1967 my Father brought home a new album for my Mother as a gift. As my Mother proceeded to play the new LP, I heard this beautiful soaring voice...."And when I hear you call, so softly to me, I donít hear a call at all, I hear a rhapsody...". I asked my Dad, "Who is that?" He replied, "Jerry Vale". I said, "Jerry Vale who?". The album that was playing was "I Hear A Rhapsody" which includes the songs "Stardust", "Stella By Starlight", and "I Can Dream Can't I" to name just a few. (NOW that LP is available on an excellent double cd "There Goes My Heart"-- "I Hear A Rhapsody".) I played that album over and over again, soaking up the violin-like voice of Jerry Vale, all the while exhilarated by his long-held high notes! Vale is not a crooner. As Jerry Vale himself has stated, (not a quote, but close) I can knock the socks off of any crooner with my powerful vocal range.

Jerryís voice inspired me to take voice lessons in high school, and later in college in 1973. Needless to say, I was never as good as Jerry.

After 50 albums, several CDs, and many websites later, the answer to "Jerry Vale Who?" is easy...

Jerry Vale, the vocalist before Elvis Presley to turn "You Donít Know Me" into a chart topping hit.

Jerry Vale, the singer who sang the "National Anthem" at many a baseball game, BETTER than any other pop vocalist.

Jerry Vale, who youíve heard singing "Ill Be Home For Christmas" in the background on more TV shows than any other pop Christmas singer.

Jerry Vale, the Official good-luck charm and mascot for the "David Letterman Show".

Jerry Vale, not only legendary, but the finest Italian-American Romantic Contemporary vocalist of our time.

And finally, Jerry Vale, the voice that has, and continues to, inspire memories for loves first meeting, romance, heart-break, and a plethora of other stirring emotions to treasure for a lifetime.

Scott F Rogers 2007