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Jerry Vale: A Singer's Life
Written with Richard Grudens 

                      Jerry presents a heartfelt story of rejection, panic, victorious
                     moments of applause and critical acclaim, fascinating
                     off-stage portraits of the world's most interesting talents , the
                     big break, the heights, depths and all the other complexities
                     that make-up Jerry's extraordinary 50-year-plus show
                     business career and he's still going strong.

                     A Singer's Life talks about life-long friendships with Frank
                     Sinatra, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Torre, Don Rickles, Dean
                     Martin, Jimmy Durante, Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose, Martin
                     Scorsese (who tapped Jerry for "Goodfellow" - - Marty's
                     mother was a big fan), Jayne Mansfield, Johnny Mathis,
                     Richard Dreyfuss - - the list literally goes on and on. 

"I have a blessed life. Your real friends hang in there, no matter what."
Jerry Vale

                   A Singer's Life, Jerry Vale's new book, can be purchased
                     wherever books are sold, including online book sites and by
                     calling (631) 862-8555.