Remembering The Great Buddy Clark
A Wall Of Photos
Photos Provided By Tom Degan
Our Sincere Thanks To Tom Degan For These Rare Photos Of Buddy Clark

 Buddy Clark Promo Photos

                                                         Buddy Clark-1947

Doris Day & Buddy Clark

Cartoon Of Buddy Clark -  Right Photo Of  Buddy-1942

Mitchell Ayers & Buddy Clark

Buddy Clark Shown  Performing

                                                             Budy Clark - 1949

Buddy Clark and Arnold Stang in Seven Day Leave (1942)

Buddy Clark (right) with Victor Mature in Seven Day Leave (1942)

Buddy Clark, Victor Mature and
Lucille Ball in Seven Day Leave [1942]

Victor Mature, Arnold Stang and Buddy Clark
in Seven Day Leave (1942)

Photo Left Buddy Clark - 1937 - The Photo Right  Of Buddy  In The 30's

Columbia Records Prom Photo

One Of  Buddy's Big Hits

Buddy Clark was a likable, versatile singer whose career was cut short
by an airplane crash on October 2, 1949, at 9 p.m. PST.
Shown is Buddy Clark In The foreground

The True Story Of The Crash That Took Buddy Clark’s Life,
And Injured  Five Others On The Twin Engine Cessnas.
Buddy Clark and five other friends rented a small plane to attend a
‘Sanford vs. Michigan’ football game. After the game on the way back to
Los Angeles, the plane developed a sputtering engine problem, due to
lack of gas, and lost altitude and crashed on Beverly Boulevard, in
California. Buddy was thrown from the plane. He did not survive the
crash.  At that time, he was 38 years old reaching new heights of
popularity, when tragedy struck.

Buddy Clark's Grave Site
Buddy is buried at Forest Lawn  Cemetary in LA
next to his 2nd wife, Nedra and his daughter, Penny.