A True Story
By Dick Finnell
My Bob Manning Story
By Dick Finnell
In 1953 I turned sixteen.  I had written a song and had 'Lenny Martin' arrange it and print it to sheet music.  At sixteen I must have thought I was Irving Berlin.  I gave copies to Tony Bennett and Al Alberts.  (Al is probably still mad at me for waking him up at 10:00 in the morning).

Bob Manning was appearing at 'Eddie Ashner's, a Supper Club outside of Pittsburgh.  I didn't have a drivers license or car at that time.  Nick Barbatti drove me to see Bob after his first show.

Unbelievably, Bob spent more time with me than some of my friends.  Bob was 6' 2" and towered over me.  He treated me like a son.  He actually put his arm around me and we walked to the piano.  Bob's accompanist played, "I WAS A FOOL" for him.  He liked it.

As luck and life goes, within a month, Nat "King" Cole released "A FOOL WAS I."  I will never forget Bob's kindness and encouragement.  I was a Bob Manning fan before I met him.  His music is top shelf.  I know it is one way, but on my side, he is still a friend.
Thank you Frank, for providing this site and for the opportunity to tell my story.  Dick  Finnell

Through my own personal experiences. I have 
found that there are two breeds of entertainers: 
Notes Below By Frank E. Dee
1.   There are those who are egotistical, controlling, with a prima donna attitude who have forget where they came from who wouldn't give you the right time of day.  And for them, I  don't even bother writing about. 

2.   Then there are those fabulous entertainers, who never forget where they came from, who are grateful for being where they are today.  And these type of entertainers are well aware that its the so called small wheels that make the big wheels turn...Meaning the fans, who can make and break an entertainer. They are the ones who buy their records.

In 1953 a young 16 year old boy from PITTS BURGH  PA., was bitten by the talents of writing songs.  At that era of time the young lad had wrote a song titled: "I WAS A FOOL."  He had given copies of the song to pop singer Tony Bennett, and a copy to Al Alberts, who is the lead singer of the popular "FOUR ACES."  However the lad didn't stop there.  He took the liberty to walk the song into the hands of one of his favorite popular singers ... BOB MANNING, who took the time from his own busy schedule to spend with this young lad from Pittsburgh, PA.
 Notes By Frank E. Dee