Al Martino ReAl Martino
Receives 4 Standing Ovations.
This Coming New Year 2002 Will Mark
The 50th Anniversary Of Al Martino's
First Hit Recording
Here In My Heart

Loyal Fan Frank Alia From Kenosha, Wisconsin
Points To Al's Photo  On His Home Wall

An Incredible Singer: Al Martino

You Could Feel The Love Pouring Out From The Hearts Of 
The Festa Italiana Audiences In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, On 
July 19,20,21,22, 2001, For This Fantastic Singer ... 
Al Martino
He Received Four Nights Of Standing Ovations.

...And Mr. Martino certainly deserved the ovations he received.  He poured his heart and soul into every song he sang.  You could feel the vibes coming from Al's sensational voice, as he sang from his heart each one of his hit songs and some... to a captivating audience.
His voice indeed is filled with the smoothness combination of milk and honey in his delivery.  I may add, his voice is truly a well placed 'Bel-Canto' voice of delivery.  Every note was in perfect pitch, and his phrasing was just unbelievable impeccable.  He's a singer who takes good care of his voice, and it showed in his one hour and five minute steady performance on July 19th which was the first night I had attended  his performance, and during the entire  Martino performance, under the hot spotlights and humid weather,  I did not see him once pick-up a drink of water, on stage and this was quite a comment that was said from fans who were present.  If anyone felt the heat from the humid weather and the spotlights.  It was Al Martino.  A trouper...This man continued singing song after song, without stop.  With each song Al sang, he was cheered and applauded and hailed with standing ovations.  The Milwaukee fans loved him, and they were proud to show their love to this sensational singer who is one of the best singers of our time, and indeed a tough act to follow.  And  Radio stations need to wake up and give this man more than equal time in playing his beautiful songs!!
His Italian repertoire of such songs as Sorrento, Mama, and some, were delivered with great poise and he commanded the Italian diction with a 'Primo Classo' right to the max. 
You couldn't hear a pin drop as Al sang his heart out to a gratifying Milwaukee, Wisconsin audience.  On several occasions as Al Martino was singing, I would turn to look at the faces of the audience, to study their reactions and impressions.  The many smiles of delight were beaming on their faces, and some of the faces projected a lost of deep wonderful memories of nostalgia of the Al Martino flair of songs, in which he has brought fantastic memories to us all.
Fan Comments
One woman sitting next to me said: "He sings so beautiful with ease, and his voice never has changed.  Isn't he wonderful?"

An Italian elderly man sitting two rows behind me had tears in his eyes as Al sang the popular standard Italian song 'Mama.'  I made it a point to ask this gentleman what he thought about Al's singing.  The man spoke broken English, and so I conveyed my question to him in Italian.  His remark in Italian was: "Mr. Martino Uno Grandioso Bella Voce, Una Personalita Affascinante!" In English translated: (Mr. Martino One Beautiful Great Voice With A Charming Personality).

A married couple of 50 years told me; "Our wedding song played at our wedding reception was "Here In My Heart" which was our favorite song when we started to date before we got married."

I even asked A 12 year old boy who cracked me up when he  said: "I know who Al Martino is!  He's that guy up on stage singing." I then said to the boy, yeah, that's right.  But do you like his singing? "He Sings pretty good, and I like him."

There were so many wonderful comments said about Al Martino's 4 day concert  at the Festa Italiana, and there were fans  who told me they would be attending Al's 4 night concerts. And they certainly did.  In the local Kenosha Wisconsin restaurants, and in homes ... Al Martino was the talk of the town  and the highlight of the Milwaukee Festa Italiana.

Al's newest hit song "COME SHARE THE WINE" can be purchased via the Internet, and it will be released this fall in the good old U.S.of A.  So look for it at your favorite record store.  This recording is a must to add to your Martino collection, and also makes a wonderful gift for your special loved one.  Its a great way to make someone's day a lot brighter. 

There are not a hell of a lot of singers out there that can project and deliver a song like Al Martino does.  And there are televisions shows such as the "HEADLINERS & LEGENDS" who need to get off their duff and get Al Martino on their show!! After all,  Al Martino has given the world audiences  a lifetime of wonderful songs and songs that truly are a treasure of wonderful memories, that you do not hear in the songs being sung by singers who couldn't carry a tune in a barrel, who seem to be booked by these so called younger agents, and program directors of these televisions shows, and radio stations who by pass great talents and singers such as Al Martino!!!  Its high time they start to WAKE-UP!

The year 2002 will be the 50th anniversary of Al Martino's first hit song: "HERE IN MY HEART."  Let us hope, and yes there is always hope that perhaps some big radio or TV producer will have the decency to do a SPECIAL SHOW on Al Martino, who deserves the recognition of his contribution to worldwide audiences.  You out there...The FANS!  Can Make It Happen!

Al Martino is the only vocalist in the world to have received three different awards from the Mario Lanza Institute and the only entertainer in its coming 40th year history to have performed at the Mario Lanza Ball four times.  Mr. Martino also appeared in an E Channel Documentary about Mario Lanza.

If you have not had a chance to see Al's performances, you indeed are missing a fantastic treat. He's not only great!  He's fantastic!