Al Martino's Beautiful Brick Walls
From Bricklayer To Song
Al Martino, A Unique Humble Man 
Who Never Forgot Where He Came From
Several years ago, in 1997 to be exact. I had written an article on Joey Bishop titled: "He's America's Best Living Legend Of Comedy." And from this article I received a welcome to the home of Mr. Bishop, in which I wrote a follow-up article on my interviewing him at his home.

While at the home of this great comedian, he shared his life on the rat pack, and the numerous many entertainers he knew in the field of show business. 

At one point in our conversation.  Mr. Bishop asked me who my favorite singer was?  My answer was trutful, and honest.  I said to Mr. Bishop: "I know that Frank Sinatra may be your dear friend, but in no way was he my favorite singer."  Joey's face had a surprised look, when I had said this.  Because I believe he was thinking I was going to say Frank Sinatra. 

For all intense and purposes, I always thought Mr. Sinatra was great but that doesn't mean he was my favorite singer.  Joey, quickly asked:  "Then who is your favorite singer?"  I said:  "I have many favorite singers that I like, but my number one favorite is AL MARTINO!"

Joey, burst out into laughter and said: "Good choice."  He went on to say. "If I was to tell you that I was Al Martino's neighbor, and that Al Martino did some bricklaying work around my pool.  Would you believe this?"  I was kind of lost for words, because I didn't know if Joey was pulling my leg and making a joke out of my favorite singer.  But he assured me that he was telling me the truth.

Joey said: "Al Martino's one hell of a bricklayer.  That was his trade before he became a sensational hit singer."  Joey, pointed out how Al Martino, would go around the local neighbors, and offer his help to his neighbors to fix or repair bricks that may have needed to be replaced. 

I remember sitting on Joey's couch in his living room, listening to Joey tell about Al, being a very humble person.  As I sat quietly I began thinking how humble Al Martino must really be.

You know? I have had gut feelings that Mr Al Martino, is a very humble person.  For past years, numerous people would confront me  telling me how Al Martino, makes his audience a big part of his show.  All though I have never met Al, in person.  But he went out of his way to call me on the phone to thank me for the webpages we sponsor on Al Martino.  I myself, was lost for words, because I was honored to do what I had planned to do for years, and that was to build a website featuring Al Martino, and his beautiful songs and photos.   I believed in Al Martino, and his music, and I do not deserve any accolades for creating these webpages which this Gentleman more than deserved.  It was my way of paying back Al Martino, for all the wonderful songs.  Songs that were precious in my life, that only Al Martino could have sang.

And to repeat myself.  I shall never forget this man, who has brought us all beautiful songs that become memories of people we have associated with in our lives.  And every now and then I'll pull out an Al Martino Memory tape, as I call them, and sit back and enjoy the good sounds of the Martino style that can never be duplicated.

I kind of always thought he lived in a life style of humility.  If one was to look in 'Webster's Dictionary the word "HUMILITY" is defined as: "THE STATE OR QUALITY OF BEING HUMBLE."  And Al Martino fits this billing.  Thus this is  Mr. Al Martino, the bricklayer, a man of humility, and a man of song.  A truly HUMBLE GIANT, if you will.