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This Is The Song Al Sang In The Smash Hit  Film The God Father
"I Have But One Heart"

The Remarkable Captivating ...
Al Martino
 Al Martino, Has A Warm Flexible Baritone Voice Of Wide Range
Who Can Make An Audience's Goose Bumps Stand-Up Like Little
Tin Soldiers When He Sings Popular Love Ballads
And Italian Songs.  Indeed He Is An Outstanding
Singer Performer, And A Hard Act To Follow!
He More Than Deserved 4 Nights Of Standing Ovations.
Notes By Frank E. Dee
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Frank E. Dee Show On CRUSADE RADIO, Reaching A Worldwide Audience

The Milwaukee Italiana Festa-July 19-to-22, 2001
Photos Below Taken: July 19, 2001

Al Martino Received Four Nights Of Standing Ovations.  Pictured With
Al Martino Is Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear Host: Frank E. Dee

Al Martino Takes Time To Pose With  Kenosha, Wisconsin Fans

Al Martino, Frank And His Wife Nina Alia, With Their Grandson Josh Alia.
Young Josh Alia Is One Of Al Martino's Newest Fans

The Three Sides Of Al's Performance Under The Hot Spotlights
A Dedicated Al Martino
Performs To Fans Under Uncomfortable Hot Weather

Front Center View Of The Great Al Martino

 Al, Delivering 'Mary In The Morning' To Fans

The Fantastic Al Martino Sings Into The Hearts Of Milwaukee Fans