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Thank You Al Martino For All The Wonderful Songs

To quote one of my favorite sayings that I use often, and should always be applied to such great singers as Al Martino: Familiarity might, as they say, breed contempt in social relationships, but when it comes to great songs sung by Mr. Martino, familiarity can only breed popularity.

Al Martino, has always been a sensational singer who has brought each and every one of us so much nostalgia in his choice of songs that he has recorded and sung over the decades. 

There has never been an Al Martino song, or sound, which is more relaxing and delightful to listen to, more wonderfully exciting and easy to listen to or, even dance to than his ever popular favorites.

In my humble opinion the Al Martino, vocal trademark is his sincere interpretation of delivering a beautiful song.  His natural abiity to project warmth and depth into his every offering beautiful songs to us all, has in my opinion, earned him the title The Impeccable Al Martino Genius of Song.   Thank you Al Martino, for the wonderful memories. 

Frank E. Dee