Al Martino: A Unique Artist Of Song
The Honorable Lanza Legend President Continues To Captivate Nationwide Audiences
~By Frank E. Dee~
This Article Is Published In The Winter Issue 2000 Of  The Lanza Legend 

 Al Martino, in my opinion does not need an introduction in delivering a beautiful song to his audiences, worldwide, or wherever he’s scheduled to appear.  His voice, his delivery, his charisma, and personality speak for this great humble human being who continues to sing to the people, and for the people. Martino is indeed, an icon of melodious song, his singing projects over any night club room or outdoor concert he sings at with great ease. 

The most remarkable thing about Al Martino, of course, is his voice---a warm, flexible baritone of wide range---Martino’s voice is equally at home in Italian folk songs and in opera arias, such as, "Nessun Dorma" from his record album "The Exciting Voice Of Al Martino" --- And let us not forget he continues to captivate audiences with numerous pop ballads, and swing.

Mr. Martino, has brought into our lives beautiful songs, one after another for us all to store in our treasure chest of beautiful memories, which now and then we pull out to replay them.  The very same Al Martino, hit songs, will go on, and on, and never to be forgotten.  They are musical treasures.---And---Who could ever forget; such beauties as--- "Daddy’s Little Girl, Spanish Eyes, I Can't get You Out of My Heart, I Love You Because, Painted, Tainted Rose, I Love You More And More Every Day, Mary In The Morning", and we could go on listing Al Martino’s hits---if we had enough room to add them all on this Lanza Legend page, which I doubt very much if they would fit.

Do I know Al Martino?  Yes, like most fans do---only through his first hit song that sky rocketed him to fame in 1952, "Here In My Heart."  How could one not know Al Martino after he captivated worldwide audiences, with a string of beautiful hit songs, one after another? 

Still today, Mr. Martino, continues to perform to record breaking audiences wherever he appears.  He truly is loved by fans who will go to any length of distance to see and hear this giant of a talented singer perform.

Martino is indeed a unique popular vocalist who has a range from a sonorous baritone right up to a smoothly articulated well placed chosen high tone---and when Mr. Martino wants to unleash this power, he has it at his command. 

Mr. Martino---without any doubt could charm an audience simply by talking, without singing a note.  In fact, he does charm his audience by making them a part of his show.  He is known to dance with fans while he is performing. 

A woman from Boston, Massachusetts who has been an Al Martino fan since 1952, stated to Yours Truly; "You’ve got to see for yourself how Al Martino projects on stage to the audience.  He makes you feel that you are a big part of his show, and when he sings, he makes you feel he’s singing to you alone.  When he sings a high note, he does it with so much ease, and he doesn’t even have to use a mic." 

By Alice De Simone, Chelsea, Massachusetts.

How else can one describe this striking great man of song who continues to enchant millions of fans with his songs, records, tapes, and CD’s---and who can forget his sparkling performance in the film, "The Godfather?"---but that isn’t enough.  Al continues to swing into our hearts with a new CD, titled: "STYLE."  This new CD is a must to add to your Martino collection. 

The impeccable Al Martino, is the only artist to ever receive 3 Mario Lanza Awards, from the Mario Lanza Institute, in Philadelphia.  He appeared in four Mario Lanza Balls, Oct. 2, 1966, Oct. 28, 1973, Nov. 9, 1980 and Nov. 4th, 1981. 

In 1997, The Lanza Legend publishers were deeply honored to have named Al Martino as the ‘Honorary President.’