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Please Note! As Of October 28th , 2009

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Breaking News:

Breaking News:As Of Sept. 30th, 2009

Al will be a featured artist in the Columbus Day parade in New York City, October 12.  He will be singing on the stage and it will be televised locally.  The parade begins at 11:30. It has been organized in New York since 1929.  Over 35,000 people participate each year.  

Al has just recorded a great  new song, "Trying to Find MY Way" with a talented young writer, Joe Vulpis.  It is starting to get a lot of airplay around the country and Al is grateful to  DJ, Jerry Blavat, the "Geator with the Heater, the Boss with the Hot Sauce," on Cruising 92.1 in Philadelphia who initially started playing the song on his radio show every day and getting tremendous response.  Also Johnny Rook, "Radio's Man of the Year" said "Al, you have a smash!". Johnny is co-creator of "Hit Parade Hall of Fame" and asked me to let you know Al was nominated in 2007 for the honor  and you can vote for Al by going to the website, Click On The URL To Take You 


You have to look for the nominates in 2007.

Al's new song, "Trying to Find MY Way"  can be purchased at and very shortly  on iTunes. It is  brand new and there will soon be other sites as well.  We will keep you posted.  We think you will like this new recording with it's country flair.  Let us know.

Al has just returned from Berlin where he did a
 tribute to the late Luciano Pavarotti.  It can be seen
 on YouTube.  Al performed the classic, "Nessun Dorma".

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Al Martino Sing
"Nessun Dorma" In Germany: Sept. 2007

New Concerts Coming
For The Year - 2010
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Please Note! As Of ...  October 28th, 2009
We Have Updated Al's New Scheduled Date Appearances
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More Concerts To come

Mario Lanza 50th Anniversary Tribute
Al will be Guest Emcee  Snug Harbor Culture Arts Music Hall
1000 Richmond Terrace Staten Island, NY 10301
Tickets: (800) 770-1270 


May 4, 2010
Westchester Broadway Theater
Elmsford, NY

May 8, 2010
Hartford Symphony Orchestra
Hartford, Ct.
Tickets:  (860) 244-2999

June 1-2-3, 2010
Boston, Ma.
(Venue to be announced)

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Al Receives  Standing Ovations At Northridge, CA
April 25, 2002

Dear Al,
Many thanks for being with us last weekend at the Performing Arts Center, Cal-State University, Northridge.  YOU WERE GREAT!!!

It gave us a great kick to see that the audiences wouldn't let you off the stage after your final bows.  They screamed, hollered and clamored for "more" every show,  and the standing ovations were loud, furious and overwhelming to the point you could have been all the way back to Philly and still they would've kept up the racket!  A testimony, well-deserved to your fine show, your exquisite musicianship and your being truly A CLASS ACT!
Keith Evans
Evans Associates
"Show of the Month"

Al Martino Recently Received The
Lifetime Entertainment 2003 Award

Al has just returned from Mannheim, Germany where he was given a very special award by "Radio Regenbogen (Rainbow)" .  He received the  prestigious 'Lifetime  Entertainment 2003'  award.  It was  very gratifying to receive this and Al thanks all involved for this very special honor.  On the same program, awards were also given to Tom Jones, Metropolitan Opera singer Deborah Sasson, and rock and roll star, Meatloaf.  Al and Tom had not seen each other since the early 70's, so it was a nice reunion as well!

Prior to receiving his achievement  award, Al taped a TV show to be aired at a later date in Europe, saluting composer Bert Kaempfert.  Mr. Kaempfert wrote Al's million seller hit, "Spanish Eyes", which of course Al performed on the show.  He was also  asked to sing Mr. Kaempfert's other compositions, "Strangers in the Night"  and "Danke Schoen".

This CD Really Is A Slice Of Heaven To Add To Your ...
Al Martino CD Collection

We are extremely happy to finally let you know that Al's European CD is
going to be available here in the United States!  The title has been changed
from LOVE OF MY LIFE (which was the import title) to the featured song,
"COME SHARE THE WINE."  It will be distributed by RYKO Distributors on the
BEVERLY HILLS RECORD LABEL. It was produced in Germany a year ago by Jack
White who has recorded Englebert Humperdink, David Hasselhoff, Laura
Brannigan and many  others.
Several songs on the CD were written by 2-time Oscar winner, Al Kasha.
"COME SHARE THE WINE" has been kicking up a storm wherever it has gotten
airplay.  Also included on the CD are three of AL's greatest hits, "SPANISH
The release date is April 27....thank you so much for responding to this
song the way you have.  We have gotten so many emails asking for it and now
we're finally thrilled to make this announcement about it's U.S. release.

Al is very happy and honored to be included in Hugh Downs new book, "MY
      AMERICA". It is a book of 150 diverse Americans from all walks of life and
      relates what it means to be an American. Al details some of his experiences as an
      underage 16 year old boy when he was stationed on the island of Iwo Jima. He
      watched as that famous flag was raised on Mount Sarabachi by six brave marines.
      Little did he know then that it would come to symbolize World War 11. Those years
      in service to his country were very special to him and he always has said he would
      do it all over again to protect our country and our precious freedom.

      It is a very interesting book with some other thoughts by: Walter Cronkite, John
      Glenn, Paul Harvey, Art Linkletter, Dick Clark, Jack Paar, Regis Philbin, William
      Shatner, Jesse Ventura, Diane Sawyer, Donald Trump, Mike Wallace, Sally Jesse
      Raphael, Mark Russell, George Bush and of course many, many more.

   It is published by Simon & Schuster

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