A Special Tribute To Mrs. Judi Martino
Al Martino's Favorite Supportive  Fan: 

We all know that Al Martino became a successful popular singer in 1952, with his smash hit recording of "Here In My Heart" which skyrocketed Al's career to  popularity  with fans worldwide.

But I would venture to say that Al's favorite fan is none other than his lovely gracious wife Judi Martino, who devotes many a hour in keeping Al's appearance schedules in tact.  I could of course be wrong.  But this dynamic 'LADY' has always taken the time to enlighten us here on Gmmy about Al's appearances, and to Al's fans as well.  To you Judi, we humbly thank you.

Judi who is so gracious, caring, and kind, and so down to earth, when one addresses her in person or phone or  in e-mail in regards of asking about Al's up coming appearances.  She is right there with an answer.  We thank you Judi, for all you do, in keeping us abreast on Al's career, and his appearances.

My colleague friend Bob Dolfi, has said numerous times: "Frankie, Judi,  is the most kindest and caring women that anyone could talk to.  She is indeed dedicated to Al's career and as a wife, and a mother.  Bob has always said: "I cannot say enough about Judi."  Well said Bob.

Al Martino and his lovely wife Judi, are a wonderful couple who share with the common folk, and the fans if you will, their gratefulness and their friendship.  The Martino's shine with humility, and kindness to all their fans, and whoever they meet worldwide.

I have always felt that behind every successful husband, is a hard working wife who will go  to any length in being supportive in their husband's career.  Judi is this type of a 'LADY'... And indeed is a "FIRST CLASS ACT," and  hard to follow. 

I repeat: Judi is to be commended for her kindness, loving, and caring toward all the fans and to all of us and to those she  confronts on her walk way through life. 

Judi, is a real dedicated fan, and a hard worker who continues to work hard to promote her husband Al Martino.

On behalf of the GMMY web site and I may add Yours Truly, we salute you dearly, with love, compassion, care and honesty in all that you have done and continue to do. 

The Judi Martino's come once in a life time, and indeed I  must add, that her integrity, and compassion to all, deeply shines.

On behalf of Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear, we are proud to announce that we have chosen Judi Martino to be our Honorary  "FIRST LADY" of our Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear Web site.

 May God Always Bless You Judi, And Al. 
We all love you as much as we love Al Martino.

May God's Spiritual Doves Shower You With His 
Blessings, And Much  Happiness 
And Good Health,