"No You Idiot! Not That Way! Al's Concert Is This Way!"


"How Can I Hear Al Martino's Recordings
With Your Hibernating Snoring?"

"What! You Forgot To Take Al Martino's LP's?"

"Honey! Please Don't!
I Finally Bought Al's Style Cd"

"I Got A Problem! My Wife Told Me Not To Come Home
Until I Pick Up Al Martino's New "Style" CD"

The Cartoons used on this this web page were drawn by our good friend, Charles Shows, Producer, Director, and Author of 
"Backstage Adventures With Walt Disney."  
Charlie, as we call him, was a cartoonist For Walt Disney for many years, and he later joined  the Hanna Barbarra Cartoon Studios.  Charlie has a list of credits, and one of  his creation was ...
 "Time For Beany,"
In which Shows won an Emmy Award
I thank my good friend, 
Charlie Shows for the use of his cartoons.
I also hope it brought a few good laughs to all the Al Martino  fans.
Frank E. Dee