Great Photos Of Al Martino
Please Read Our Dedicated Humorous Poem On Al Martino Below

"Here In My Heart" The Song That Launched Al Martino To Fame
Al's First Big Hit; "Here In My Heart"
Submitted By Harry & Lena Smith


"Wrap Up Some Red Roses For A Blue Lady"


Pictured Below: Al Receives Another Gold Record

A Humble Al Martino Is Congratulated

Al Martino Inducted Into Orlando, Fl., Hall Of Fame

Al Martino Signs Autograph For The Late Actress; Marylin Monroe

"....And Now Ladies & Gentleman The Sands Proudly Presents"

A Dedicated Humorous Poem

 Al Martino: A Man Of Song
By Frank E. Dee

Al Martino, A Man Of Song, has  never recorded a bad song.

A once bricklayer, who turned to singing, who left the mortar, cement, and digging, for all of us to enjoy his singing.

Although he still may keep up laying bricks and block to walls.  You can be sure, hes never forgotten how to build a tall wall.

His humility shines, wherever he appears, be it on stage receiving great cheers.  Hes Al Martino, a man of song who pleases audiences all night long.  On stage of concerts, clubs youll see, Al Martino, singing for you and me. 

Al Martino, sure can cook, without looking into a recipe book.  His recipes may sound simple; with A dash of this, and a touch of that.  Who could compete with such a great recipe as that?

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