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Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear

Variety Of Golden Songs

Note! This Is Only A Personal Idea Created
That I  Would Like To See Happen For TV
See Article Below:
By Frank E. Dee/Host Of  Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear
For A Weekly One Hour Musical Extravaganza Television Show
Hosted By

Al Martino

Also Starring In Alphabetical Order
Tony Bennett     Don Cornell      Vic Damone      Jerry Vale

See Below...A Sample Tribute To Such Stars Who Are Alive
Or  Deceased...  A Tribute Could Be Used Weekly From
The  Songs They Made Popular
From Big Bands To Song Writers, Also Could Be Used

And Other Choices
And Other Choices
Why A Televised Weekly Variety

Of Song Show Would Work ... By Frank E. Dee
    It has always been my sincere belief that there is always room on any television network  for a Good Musical Variety Show featuring the memorable nostalgic music, and songs of the fantastic era of the 40's, 50's, to be sung by these all time great popular singers who have brought us all wonderful moments of golden memories, that we have treasured in our lives.

    Why wouldn't any big name television network  want to jump onto something as good as this?  Do these Television Network Brass  fear that a Variety Show Of Golden Songs would not attract an audience?  If so.  I intend to agree to disagree!

    For example: Its a proven fact that the famous 3 Tenors Concerts who continue to perform in live concerts worldwide, their concerts are also shown to the television audience, and not to forget, their rating is astronomical.  Just look at the advertisers that advertise on these televised concerts?

    If such a weekly Variety Of Songs SPECIAL were to happen.  Can you imagine the fantastic ratings that this show would receive??  Can you imagine the great amount of sponsors?

    Now just vision this: The above pictured singing sensational stars, on this web page, paying tribute to the great singers of the past who have passed on from showbiz who have left us a musical legacy of beautiful songs that they themselves have made into Hit Songs!  Each week on this Special, these singers above could pay homage to these stars, and also sing their own hit songs as well.  Comedians could also be guested on this show.

    You may be wondering what would it take to see such a great Variety Of Song Weekly Show televised

    1.  A good producer who is not afraid to stand behind such a great entertaining venue.
    2.  Team work from the studios top Advertising Sales Staff to approch in  selling the idea to such Big Companies as: Kraft, The Colgate Palmolvie Co., Johnson & Johnson Wax Co., Digital, RCA, Coke Cola, Royal Crown, Snapple Beverage, Banks, Clothing stores, and numerous other businesses who would jump onto being a sponsor of such a show. Hey! I'm not going to do your sales work for you! 

    It can be done, if the right producers keep an honest open mind who are willing to do something a lot different than what is now being produced on television.  If they were such a poll put up for the worldwide family to vote on such a show.  I'm sure the respond would be in great favor.  The Television audience is getting fed up with all the violence, sex, and the vulgarity now being used on televison drama shows, comedy shows and my list can go on adinfinitum!

    As host of the Golden Music Memories Of Yesteryear Web Site.  I have posted a Special Message Forum On This Page, to have... YOU... the public express your own opinion either for such a show or against.  Sounds fair?  Right?  Also we shall send this page out over the worldwide audience of the Internet.