Bob Manning's Discography

"The Nearness Of You", a classic performance, and reportedly composer Hoagy Carmichael 's favorite version of his song. It was picked up by Capitol Records, and entered the US Top 20 in 1953.

The Song Sheet Sold For .50 Cents

        Black-Velvet-and Stardust Voice
The Article Below Is From A Bob Manning Album
Submitted By Bob Manning's Daughter:
Beverly Manning Owens Hostess Of The Bob Manning Message Forum

      Love has many faces and moods, and in this album Bob Manning sings of
the loneliness that is often the price of love-of the sweethearts who yearn
for each other across endless miles that separate them, and of the lovers who
have forever lost the way to one another's heart.
      The songs in this album are the sort they kept asking Bob to sing at
the dances and parties of his teen years-those years of apprenticeship, of
waiting for the big break while patiently shaping and disciplining his voice
into the astonishingly smooth and flexible instrument it is today.  Sometimes
it looked as though the door to recognition would never be unlocked for him,
but it finally opened a crack when a local radio station,
in Philadelphia, invited Bob to do his own show.
      Nightclub work and band vocalizing followed,
and then his first Capitol recordings.
      These Manning releases stormed up an unusual amount of listener
enthusiasm.  A series of network TV dates rewarded Bob with an even wider
following.  He became a regular contender, and frequent winner, in nationwide
popularity polls.  One thing was becoming clear:
Bob's singing had a lot to say to a lot of people.
      That is plain to hear in this album of songs.  Bob gives these tunes
the sensitive, sentimental treatment they call for, and invests all of them
with the ingratiating warmth of his personality.  Anyone who has ever been
touched with the bitter-sweet excitement which is romance will sense an
emotional kinship with these songs and with this singing.

The Albums

Spotlight On Bob Manning
Great Gentlemen Of Song
1994 Capitol

Our Wedding Songs
Everest c.50s

 Lonely Spell
1955 Capitol
Lonely Spell
1.     These Foolish Things 
2.     I Had The Craziest Dream
3.    That Old Feeling - (previously unreleased)
4.    When Your Lover Has Gone 
5.     P.S. I Love You
6.     It's Easy To Remember - (previously unreleased)
7.    You've Changed
8.     I'm Through With Love 
9.     You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)
10.    Alone Together 
11.    The Very Thought Of You
12.     Love Letters 
13.     I Hadn't Anyone Till You 
14.     It's All Right With Me
15.    My Ideal 
16.    The Nearness Of You
17.    My Love Song To You
18.    Goodbye