Frank Sinatra
Never Needed An Introduction
Photo Left: Frank Celebrated His 80th Birthday
Photo Right Frank Celebrated His 75th Birthday
How can anyone really introduce Frank Sinatra,
who became a vocal legend of popular song since the early 40's?
His songs, his movies, and his television shows will be
remembered until the end of times.
Sinatra was indeed a vocal genius who had the impeccable
style of delivering a song in a manner
that could rocket any audience into a dimension of mode.
His phrasing was unbelievable.

There is no magical words that can be added or written
about this great talent who became the worlds icon
of crooners that has not already been said, or written about.
Sinatra, the man, his music, his concert appearances,
and television shows all speak for themselves.

....And This Is
Frank Sinatra
Notes: By Frank E. Dee