Our Gmmy Family Tribute To A Fantastic Duo... Meet
Dick & Shirley Finnell
One Of Our Honored Gmmy Families

Pictured From The Left: Al Martino, Dick & Shirley
Two Wonderful Al Martino 
Fans Make It All Happen
A rare treat is having Dick & Shirley Finnell from Pennsylvania as your loyal friends, and I kid you not!

Dick & Shirley are truly archive specialists in the field of collecting rare recordings, CD's, and Tapes of the great singers bands etc of the 30's, 40's, 50's and  the good music that we all remember.  They too are in the same music zone of Harry & Lena Smith from England, who share with us all, a lovable caring feeling that makes you feel you've known them a life time.

Dick & Shirley, were quick to support the Gmmy web site by sharing their posting on the Al Martino message forum. Thus from there came the start of a family of wonderful friends, that became like one big happy family.

I am deeply honored to have chosen them in tribute also as "Our GMMY FAMILY," for all they have done in being so supportive and giving of themselves to all who join in on the Al Martino web site or on gmmy as a whole.

Both Dick & Shirley have also been very generous in donating numerous tapes of various singers and the big bands to our Frank E. Dee Show, which airs over Crusade Radio.  Without Dick & Shirley, the Frank E., Dee Show would not have been as successful as it now is.  Also included in making up the Frank E. Dee musical show what it is today.  We thank Harry & Lena, who are close friends to Dick & Shirley.

To Dick & Shirley.  I adore and love you both for being there for me through hard times and the good times, when I was starting up the Frank E. Dee Show.  Thanks be to you its now a great show and a fun show for all to enjoy. God Bless you both.

Frank E. Dee/Gmmy Host