Introduction: The Queen Of The Blues
 Dinah Washington Was  One Of 
The Best Blues Singers Of Our Time 

          In 1946 when the average person was making $50 "The Queen" was
           bringing down $700 a week and making headlines in Black newspapers
           for a variety of stunts.  On one occasion she emptied out a L.A.nightclub
           by firing shots at one of the dancers in the chorus line whom she
           suspected was fooling around with her boyfriend. 

           Dinah Washington may be the best contemporary blues singer of them
           all, and certainly one of the most colorful.  Her style of singing brought
           a blues sound to whatever she recorded.  Looking to sell her talents
           more widely the record company often surrounded her with big bands
           and strings and a variety of crossover contraptions to make her
           appealing to white audiences.  None of this was able to subdue the
           natural blues quality of her voice. 

           She was revered by Blacks as the heir to the blues throne left vacant
           by Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith, and no strings or big bands could
           subvert that.  Her years at Mercury are filled with classic songs that
           are delivered in a manner that make you shake your head and say "go on

           There are some artists for whom a single CD of their hits is enough. 
           Not so with Dinah Washington. The quality of her music is such that this
           three CD set seems to just scratch the surface.