Who Is This  Artist From Massachusetts?
His Name Is Gino De Simone
He Creates Art With Pure Feelings
by Frank E. Dee
Gino De Simone was born and raised in Somerville Massachusetts.  As a youngster, he attended Somerville Schools and  today resides  in Chelsea, Massachusetts with his wife Alice.
Mr. De Simone, is one of those rare talented artists who one could perhaps say was born with a palette and brush in his right hand.  His career in art started as a young child, ever since he had learned the use of a pencil, he would draw made-up cartoon characters of his own imagination, and portraits of famous people like George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.

His natural talent in the field of art grew from learning from the great 'Old' Masters of Art.  He studied landscape painting and life drawing for numerous years with Mr. Donald Lacedra at his school of Art in Boston, Massachusetts, and later taught life drawing classes for the 'Copley Art Society', on Newbury Street, in Boston.  He also,  received many portrait commissions and has been employed by Boston Interior Decorators In Painting Murals, and Restoring Works of Art.

Gino, is a natural master in portrait painting, restoration and murals.  Leaving no stone unturned in the field of Art.  He has taught adult classes at the Boston Public Schools, and Fenway Studios and has worked with special needs for children in Winthrop, Massachusetts.  He also has given many, demonstrations lectures throughout Massachusetts in portrait painting, and still life, seascapes and landscapes.

He has been a Muralist for over 40 years.  He once said, "I use a multitude of blues so that the paint would be translucent at all times, this was the trick l learned from observing the 'old' masters paintings."

"On painting  Mountains, they can have a spiritual and mystic quality, and I try to instill this into the art work."  said De Simone, "I do easel-type paintings or enlarge on restaurant motif."

His art work from portraits to landscapes to murals stretch out to the
Massachusetts bounderies.  He has displayed his creative work of art in over 100 or so restaurants throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

He has become a legacy in the field of Art, his workmanship speaks for this busy artist, who continues today to brighten up the walls of businesses, restaurants, with his magical brush.  There is no wall that is too small or big for his murals.  His experience in mural painting  continues to shower the walls of Massachusetts restaurants.

For more information on portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, and Murals. You can contact Gino De Simone by calling him at ... 

Telephone Gino At ... [617] 884-5049
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