~ Franco Corelli ~
Corelli Replaces An Ailing Domingo
Raymond Ericson wrote in The New York Times of 10th January 1971:
One wonders how many opera houses could schedule Placido Domingo for a  performance and when he became indisposed could replace him with Franco Corelli.

This is what happened at the Metropolitan Opera on Friday night with Verdi's "Ernani." When Rudolf Bing, the general manager, came before the curtain to announce the change, the audience's groans at Mr. Domingo's defection were replaced by genuine cheers for Mr. Corelli's substitution, a reaction that rarely follows.

The Italian tenor, who had not sung the role of Ernani previously this season, was in good voice, belting out some powerful high notes and managing to shape some expressive phrases. Only a few fumbles in the ensembles suggested that he was stepping into his role at the last minute.