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 Beniamino Gigli's Salary For Performing At The Met
During the 1921-22 season  Beniamino Gigli, was paid 
$12,000 a month for five and a half months. 
    In that year he sang forty-four times


~ By Darina Silone ~

Benjamino Gigli's 41-year career is the true gold in the silver age of opera that followed Caruso's death. Following his studies with the illustrious voice teacher, Enrico Rosati, he made an auspicious debut in Rovigo in 1914. His career was temporarily hatted by military service during the war. 

After a brilliant La Scala debut under the baton of Toscanini, he came to the Met in 1920, the year before Caruso's death. Possessor of what many a critic called the most beautiful tenor voice of the century, Gigli had soon established himself as the foremost tenor of his time despite having had to combat unnecessary comparisons with his great predecessor every time he appeared in a "Caruso role." His  profuse recorded output testifies to his vocal artistry, and his position in operatic history is supreme and  unassailable. 

This book, completed shortly before his death in 1957, is his second and superior autobiographical effort and the only one translated into English. It is straightforward, candid, sincere, enormously  informative and contains a wealth of factual and anecdotal information, including a priceless  participant's account of his on-stage feud with prima donna Maria Jeritza. 

The book's value is greatly enhanced by an excellent discography of all of Gigli's commercially released records and a list of his roles. 
                  LC 76-29937 London, 1957 
                  ISBN: 0405096798 illus. $36.00 

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