Mario Lanza
Mario Lanza Could Sing D Flat Over High C
   Mario Lanza Was Born
With A Gifted Tenor Voice
By Frank E. Dee 

There never was a more exciting tenor voice since Enrico Caruso, who died on August 2nd 1921, the same year that a new tenor, by the name of Alfred Arnold Cocozza, was born, in Philadelphia, Pa., on January 31, 1921. 

Mario Lanza took his mother's maiden name (Maria Lanza) and became Mario Lanza, the golden voice, tenor, the legend who left us all with a beautiful legacy of music.  He was noted to be called, 'The Lanza Bon-an-za', and 'the voice of the century', and when he sang, he sang from the heart and from the soul.  Rarely have there been tenors who could sing a 'D' flat and sing this note ever so well like Mario did.  A high 'C' came easy to this powerful voice, that Mario often times said was a gift from God.  Indeed his voice truly was a gift from God. 

There Have Been Many False 
Stories On Mario's Career 
Mario Lanza never drove a truck as has been stated in books, articles or notes written on recording albums etc.  In reality, his mother Maria, paid for her son's early singing lessons as a youth.  Mario, studied with various voice teachers, until he won a scholarship to study at the Berkshire School of Music in Tangelewood, Massachusetts, in the late 40's. Before fame came to Mario, he did continue his vocal studies with a New York voice teacher Enrico Rosati, a former voice coach of the late renowned tenor Beniamino Gigli.  And during fame, Mario worked-out his voice daily. 
 Mario's Voice Was 
Magnetic To Audiences

In 1947, even before Mario became a well known super star, it had been estimated, that Mario Lanza drew 76,000 people in Chicago's, Grant Park, during two concert appearances.  The American public sat-up and began to take notice, and so did Hollywood. 

                   Mario's First Movie

Mario was the first movie star in motion picture history that the cameras stayed on the close-up of an artist for the full length of an aria when Mario sang "Celeste Aida" in "That Midnight Kiss."  In the movie credits of "That Midnight Kiss" it was Mario's first screen debut.  He was introduced in this first film, and not introduced as the star of the film.  Please see his film credits. 

     Mario Earned 11 Gold Records
 Mario received 11 gold records in all, from the sales of his recordings that sold into the millions.  They are listed as follows: 
1.  Three gold records for, "Be My Love." 
2.  Two gold records for "The Loveliest Night Of The Year." 
3.  Two gold records for "Because Your Mine." 
4.  Two gold records for "The Student Prince Album." 
5.  Three gold records for The Great Caruso Album. 
Mario Lanza was the first classical opera singer to cross over into the field of popular song, and turn them into hits..  His recordings with RCA VICTOR were money makers for the recording company.  He was the very first Classical, Opera, singer in recording history to sell two and a half million albums.  He received the greatest royalty check ever given a singer for a ten month period of $746,000 in 1951. 
 Proven Fact Is Mario Died From 
A Heart Attack, Not From The Mafia 
Although there have been many books written on Mario Lanza's life, in which most of these books were distorted and untruthful, as most authors will write about a celebrity when they are deceased, and who are not able to defend what is the truth.  Mario Lanza died on October 7th 1959 from a third heart attack.  Previous to his death, Lanza had suffered 2 heart attacks and it was the third one that caused his death in Rome, Italy.  Rumors were spread and written in books, and by columnist that the Mafia had done him in.  Wrong! 
 See Mario's Biography, 
Written By Michael Davis  
We would like to thank Michael Davis for allowing us to publish his article on Mario's biography.  Please see Michael Davis' complete accurate article on Mario Lanza, from the Australian Mario Lanza Society in our Biography section.