~A Special Invitation~
Attorney Ron Itri Was Very Instrumental In Putting The Package Of The
Oct. 7, 1999 'Mario Lanza Day' Proclamation  Together
With Argeo Cellucci Jr. As A Special Guest On  Ron Della Chiesa's Show

Pictured From The Left: Popular Singer Al Martino,
Ron Itri [center] And Ron Della Chiesa Far Right

Credit Goes To Boston Attorney Ron Itri
An Invitation To Governor Paul R. Cellucci's Of Massachusetts Office Is Scheduled in May 2000

It was our good friend and P.R. Director for Gmmy Web sites;  Boston Attorney  Ron Itri who got the ball rolling into the ears of our good friend ... Argeo R. Cellucci Jr., the father of Governor Paul Cellucci, of Massachusetts.  Itri and Cellucci Jr., are to be commended.  Had it not been for Ron Itri and Argeo Cellucci Jr., none of this would have became a reality. 

The Governor of Massachusetts, Paul R. Cellucci issued a 'Mario Lanza Day' Proclamation to be observed on this past October 7th 1999, which was the date that tenor, Mario Lanza had passed away, 40 years ago, in Rome, Italy, from a third heart attack.

Ron Itri and Argeo Cellucci Jr., the father of, Governor Paul Cellucci, who have been long admired fans of Mario Lanza.  All agree  wth Argeo Cellucci Jr., who stated many a time to Yours Truly:  "There will never be another tenor who can sing as good as Mario Lanza."

When the 'Mario Lanza Day' Proclamation was issued, Argeo Cellucci Jr., was invited as a guest on Ron Della Chiesa's, radio show in Boston through Ron Itri 's close friend Ron Della Chiesa, who is known in the New England states as a musicologist of classical and popular music over radio station WGBH-FM, in Boston. 

Ever since Mario Lanza passed away, Ron Della Chiesa has always aired a special tribute to Mario Lanza in October.  We may add that Della Chiesa is the only known radio host in Boston, who continues to pay homage to Mario Lanza.  Ron Della Chiesa, is also, to be commended for his continuances of promoting Mario's music over the airwaves.

A copy of the 'Mario Lanza Day' Proclamation was issued to the Mario Lanza Institute & Museum.  The proclamation was read at the 38th annual Mario Lanza Ball, which took place on November 7, 1999. 

Mr. Argeo Cellucci Jr., who is a Massachusetts political diplomat and a congenial gentleman, has been issued an autographed complementary book signed by Kathryn Grayson.  Cellucci said when he read the new pictorial book, that he could not put it down once he got started in reading:  He said: "Its one of the best Mario Lanza books I've ever read, it was well done and the stories were short and to the point. "

While talking to Argeo, I asked if he believed that the Mafia did Mario in?  "I've  never believed that for one minute.  I've read in news papers, back in the 1950's, that Mario died from a third heart attack." Replied Cellucci.

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