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Steve Slezak
  KSUI  Program  producer of special programming, and head of Traffic and Operations. As head of Traffic and Operations, Steve coordinates and ensures recording satellite feeds of the programs you  hear on WSUI & KSUI. We use an all-digital, computerized system called Audio Vault - " It's a very demanding servant, and totally unforgiving of even the slightest tweak of its sensibilities. We do, however, have the finest recording and playback capabilities that currently exist withthis system," Steve notes with pride! 
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Ron Della Chiesa
Boston Globe/March 28, 2000 

Ron made his radio debut at age 10 on a children's program in his home town of Quincy, Massachusetts. He joined 'GBH in 1966 as a part-tin1e news and promotional announcer for Channel 2. Three years later he switched to radio to host two 'GBH/89.7fm classical music programs: Prelude and Morning pro musica. Before long, Ron found himself behind the microphone of an afternoon classical music show, an afternoon jazz show, a late-night jazz show and an overnight show called 'GBH After Hours. 

Ron continued to explore the relationship between classical, jazz and other musical forms, expanding his lineup to showcase live performances and classical programming on The Classical Hour, Great Voices and live broadcasts of The Boston Symphony Orchestra. 

Attracting an impressive roster of in-studio guests, this lover of "Heife1z,Fiedler, Callas and Leontyne" as well as "Sinatra, Shearing, Torme and Cleo" is as likely to be on the air talking painting with pal Tony Bennett as discussing the golden age of coloratura with soprano Phyllis Curtin. 

Ron Della Chiesa attended Boston University's School of Public Communication, where he worked part-time at the university radio station, WBUR-FM. He served in the Army Reserves, then landed his first full-time job at Boston's WBOS-FM, where he hosted culturally diverse programs. He later was selected to hold simultaneous posts as the music host and program director for WBCN-FM, then an all-classical music radio station. While at WBCN, he also worked part-time as a television announcer for Boston stations WBZ/4 and WNAc/7 (now WHDH-TV). 

Itís Ron's broad musical expertise, embracing both classical music and jazz, that keeps him in demand both on the air and off, hosting any number of events around Boston, from the BankBoston Celebrity Series 'GBH Classics to the Harry Ellis Dickson Boston Pops Esplanade concerts, and serving on the board of numerous local arts organizations. He is also in demand and noted for his many lectures on opera, classical music, jazz and the Great American Songbook.

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