Enrico Caruso Articles 
Caruso Is Interviewed: Tells  Of The 1906 Earthquake In San Francisco

A Sample Letter Written By Caruso 
To His Wife Dorothy
 The Spelling Has Not Been Corrected

Enrico Caruso made his first phonograph recordings
in a hotel room in Milan.
 He recorded 10 songs for $500. (March 18, 1902) 

 Caruso In The Recording Studio
By Dorothy Caruso

Caruso's Humorous Tid-Bit Quotes:
 Caruso was caught in the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake and fire. He swore he would never again go back to such a city, "where disorders like that are permitted." 
 A group of reporters once asked him what he thought of Babe Ruth. Caruso, who was unfailingly polite and amiable, replied that he didn't know because unfortunately he had never heard her sing.