~ True Facts ~
Even  Enrico Caruso's Life Has  Been Filled 
With Lies And Rumors, Which Were Not True.  

These Are The Truthful Facts Written By Enrico Caruso's Wife Dorothy Caruso, from her book Titled; "Enrico Caruso His Life And Death."

There are 38 true facts correcting the unjust rumors, the lies that have been started, and fabricated during Caruso's lifetime and after his death that Mrs. Caruso has listed in her book, and has tried to set the record straight.

In setting the record straight to those who may even think Caruso died Mysteriously, or by foul play.  He did not.  He died from "Peritonitis, due the bursting of an abscess in his side" in which he had suffered for several months while he was in America.  He died on a Tuesday at 9: A.M., August 2, 1921.

It is uncanny when you read these truthful facts, on the comparison of the Caruso rumors, and the lies. 

The on going battle of Mrs. Caruso, setting the lies and rumors to the truth must have been an on going saga.  .   However We quote from Dorothy Caruso's  book the following true facts from pages 156, 157, 158.

"During his long career many legends grew up around the name of Caruso.  Some of them were fantastic, some were true, others held a kernel of truth; but, true or false, they have continued and increased year after year.  I have often been questioned about these legends, and this list of facts will answer some of the questions:

1. Enrico was five feet nine inches tall (a half inch taller than I) and weighed 175 pounds.
2. His complexion was cream, without color in the cheeks.
3. His hair was black, coarse and straight.
4. His body was hard but not muscular.
5. His hands were large and strong, with square fingers.
6. his feet were small and broad.
7. He could not run well because of the formation of the Achilles tendon.
8. He took two baths a day.
9. He bathed his face with witch hazel.
10. He did not use face powder except on the stage.
11. He used Caron perfumes; he walked around the apartment with a large atomizer, spraying the rooms with scent.
12. He weighed three pounds less after each performance.
13. He did not lie down to rest during the day.
14. He did not ride, play golf or tennis, go for long walks, or do setting-up exercises in the morning.
15. He never learned to drive a car.
16. He did not over eat.
17. He never ate five plates of spaghetti for lunch!!  His lunch was vegetable soup with the meat of chicken left in, and a green salad.
18. For dinner he usually had a minute steak, two green vegetables and ice cream.
19. When he was to sing, he ate only the white meat of chicken or two small lamb chops.
20. He ate the crust of bread with every meal.
21. He loved ice cream and custard.
22. His favorite vegetable was raw fennel, which he ate like fruit.
23. He did not eat candies or chocolate.
24. He did not drink beer, highballs, milk or tea; he drank two or three quarts of bottled mineral water a day.  Sometimes he took a little wine, and the only cocktail he liked was an Alexander.  
25. He did not chew gum.
26. He smoked two packages of Egyptian cigarettes a day, always in a holder.
27. He loved children and dogs.
28. He would have no pets in the city.
29. He would have no caged birds at the Villa in Signa.
30. He would not permit songbirds to be shot on his property.
31. He never shattered either a mirror or a wineglass with his voice, as been stated.    
32. When he was well he went to bed at midnight and slept eight hours.
33. He took no medicines of any kind except, the night before he sang, half a bottle of "Henri's Powdered Magnesia" in water.
34. He did not make his debut as a baritone.
35. He never employed a claque, although he was warmly attached to old Schol, chief-of-claque at the Metropolitan
36. In all his life he sang in only one amateur performance-Cavalleria rusticana, given in Naples in 1892, admission free.
37. He always retained his Italian citizenship.
38. Above all countries he preferred to sing in America."