In 1951 Enrico Caruso Was Honored By Mario Lanza  
Who Portrayed Caruso In The Movie "The Great Caruso" 
By Frank E. Dee

Before the making of  "The Great Caruso" Hollywood claimed they had a difficult time in choosing the right tenor, actor to portray the immortal Enrico Caruso.  At one point before Mario Lanza became popular, and was considered for the role.  Enrico's wife, Dorothy Caruso, had considered the idea of having the swedish tenor Jussi Bjoerling, whom Mrs. Caruso claimed  Bjoerling's voice was as powerful and close to  her husband Enrico's.  However Bjoerling turned the role down due to Hollywood wanting to make him into a glamor star. 

When Mario Lanza became popular and at the time was under contract with MGM.  The producers chose wisely when they cast Mario Lanza in the role as Caruso.  Lanza had the power, the natural vocal gift and the looks, along with the acting ability. Lanza's voice shook the four corners of the earth.  He himself was known as the world's best tenor voice to ever come since Caruso.  It was indeed a wise choice for the producers of MGM to cast Mario Lanza as "The Great Caruso." 

Although the movie mongals of MGM, never did keep to the life story of Caruso.  They instead  added their own glamour to this film.  If one was to read the biography of Enrico Caruso, written by his wife.  You would not believe that it was the same biography shown on the silver screen. 
But that's Hollywood for you. 

Mario Lanza studied the mannerisms of Caruso, he read everything that he could  lay his hands on, for the time the movie was being made he became the immortal Enrico Caruso. 
Lanza's voice did not have to take a back seat to Caruso's.  Mario Lanza's  portrayal as Enrico Caruso, was indeed a phenomena. He was superb in the role, and his  singing was fantastic.